Sunday, February 01, 2009

Calling All Non-Presbyterians

Do wet babies put you out of sorts? Do rapture gain-sayers get up your ire? Do you think that Calvin should be read only if he's accompanied by Hobbes? If so, I could use your help.

I'm planning a study series for this summer aimed at helping folks at our church better explain and defend from Scripture some of the distinctives of presbyterianism. I'd like to focus, in particular, on those reformed/presbyterian doctrines or practices which non-presbyterians find the most bizzare, mystifying, and perhaps even offensive.

What I could use from you, therefore, my non-presbyterian brethren, are your lists of these objectionable doctrines and practices. Perhaps I can phrase it this way: What are the top ten reasons you would not join a reformed and/or presbyterian church?

Anonymous responses are more than welcome.